Marvin and Anne Whiteman - Red Bluff, California

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Victorian Era Homes

Love Victorian Homes?

These stately homes hold businesses and families. Look for the street signs that direct you to a tour of our beautiful Victorian homes. They are dated with the year of their "birth."

There are Bed-and-Breakfast homes, too.

Homes cost far less here than in most areas of the state, because Red Bluff prices are under market for California. Why? Because The beauty and peace and security of Red Bluff is largely unknown outside of the area. For about six weeks it is as hot in Red Bluff as in Southern California. The rest of the year is sometimes called "Sucker Weather." It is so beautiful here, visitors are enthralled. Then the heat comes, often over 100 degrees. The locals play this up ... they love the small town feel and, while very friendly, aren't anxious to become a "city."

Here you find sales clerks who smile and are helpful. Polite young people cheerfully give you directions if asked. WA large group of artists of various kinds quietly go about their lives without a lot of fanfare, but with wonderful community support. Here youngsters raise cattle for the fair, and ride in rodeos. All of these can be found in other places, too ... but not usually all in ONE place, like it is in Red Bluff.

Photo: The FAULKNER HOUSE ... For a List of local Bed and Breakfasts click here

One of our many lovely buildings pictured here

Just get off I-5 and take a look!

Local Business in a Victorian Home

Visit the tea room and gift shop in this historic mansion. Look for it on Rio Street, one block off of Main. The Kraft mansion in nearby.